Is it side effects of watching p###

Hi folks

There is a damn beautiful girl in our department,and also she has a great helpful personality outside. I kind of have crush on her and also physically attracted. I have been talking to her for a while,but sometimes when we talk by physically in close distance,I kind of get aroused by looking at her eyes. It feels so great and tempting at the same time.
But the sad news is my semen discharge sometimes,I guess it is kind of lubricant which happens before sexual intercourse

My doubt is : Is it normal to get lubricated whilst talking to an attractive young girl?

I think that’s premature ejaculation.
I heard it gets cured by kegel exercises and also as you progress on no fap (no porn and or masturbation)


I honestly don’t think it’s normal to leak precum just by talking and looking at eyes, Unless body contact or sexual talks.

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How long I have to abstain from p* or masturbation?

I quite relapse with avg frequency of 10 days, although the action is sometimes deliberate to avoid wet dream

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Yes, right brother
Any solution do u know?

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Night fall is ok, porn and masturbation is not.
I don’t know exact timings bro because I didn’t face such issue but I’d day somewhere more than 90-100 days would suffice.
Though we all should be working on getting rid of it altogether.

I think it’s the classic side effect of too much porn consumption: sexualisation/objectification of women.

I don’t know how much you watch. But you need to control your thoughts and actions when you are around her. Have strong will. And be a real Gentleman and don’t be a simp.

No it’s not. If you think something bad in the subconscious, then you should stop. Divert your mind to healthy things while talking to her.

My personal experience from today:
Met an acquaintance today, she’s some local model, looked really amazing. Sometimes I’ve even fantasized about her in the past (so ashamed of myself).
But what I did? I greeted her, had little chat and then off to different paths. I stopped myself from thinking anything wrong, and maintained a confident demeanor. And viola no problems.
If I had thought of something else(maybe of my private times) I definitely would have had a boner.

What kind of arousal it is? Love or lust? Be true to yourself.

The simple solution is that you have to clean your mind. That will take some time.
Even I’m on the same journey, to cleanse my brain before I’m with a real woman.

Stop thinking about porn.
And focus on building yourself.
Focus on your body, mind and work.
Try to become a real Gentleman.

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