Is it ok to read two books at a time?

Ive been thinking of reading two books at a time( self devolopment books). So is it like ok to read 2 or more books at a time?


Sure, why not? If it doesn’t distract you too much.
I’m currently reading one english and one french fantasy book and two self improvement ones.
I switch in between depending on what i need at the moment


For me it’s absolutely ok, I always read more than two, physical or ebook, trying to switch between chapters.

The maximum is three but you can read in the place of three books, three topics.

I sugest you read a book of science, as a mean to attain a method, a book of philosophy as aphorisms, practical wisdom (exception, the stoics), and a book of literature, as alegories, life wisdom.

But is only a clue. Try to investigare by yourself.

Best luck and regards.


I’m currently reading roughly 3 or 4 right now. Plus any YouTube videos in between. But don’t copy us use your own method. The key is improving your self and maximizing your time.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother.

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