Is it ohk to be submissive


I m male and i love to be dominate by female
Is it ohk n normal…

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No it’s not lol. Haha

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I think that this is not pathological. What is pathological is that you masturbate or watch porn.


Any expression of your sexuality, as long it is between adults and is safe and consensual, is normal. Be yourself. I’m what people call “a switch,” or someone who can enjoy being dominant or submissive. Try things out! Be creative! Don’t be afraid to experiment! Be yourself :smile:


Who makes all these rules that this is normal and that is not normal, I don’t understand ever. If it was not normal it would not happen to you. It’s up to ur body and mind what u like and wat u dislike. As long as it is safe for u and other people around u, whatever u want to do with Ur body, what kind pleasure u want to seek is nobodies’ business. Dont always be all about your sexuality. It’s just a part of life. And yes foremost, don’t waste Ur sexual energy too much unnecessarily.