Is it nude pics a relapse?

Hey guys. I want to know what you think.
Is it search nude pics a relapse?
Some weeks ago I made a similar forum, but talking about sexy pics.
These days I had saw a lot of opinions, some guys saying that is a relapse and some other saying that, how there’s no fap, isn’t a relapse. Let’s talk about this.

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I think seeing such a picture is bad for your body because this supports the addiction of dopamine/supernormal stimulus using a substitute. That’s a slippery road that ensures you to being addicted to PMO.
So, the better question is not whether this action is a relapse or not. But, why do you need to see that kind of photo?
I think you should read about the book with the title “easy-peasy” by “hack author” or maybe searching addictive voice recognition therapy (AVRT). These two methods could help you to escape from PMO.


Thanks for the answer and for the tip, sir. I had already heard about the “Easy-Peasy”, everytime guys here say good things about it.

I am trying to quit alcohol, but my question is - Is it ok to touch the bottle ?


Nice answer, man. In a few words I understood what you are trying to say.

Wow this is such a great example in just simple words😃


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