Is it normal want to give up?

Hey guys. I’m here since last year, and I come to this challenge because I had wanted win the PMO. I think that is like that with everybody.
In 3 months I will start to live alone, and a part of me wants this, the part that doesn’t want to fight this battle anymore.

My question is: Is it normal want to give up sometimes?

Actually I’m on the 45th day, and I don’t think that I will relapse soon, but sometimes I want to relapse, because of the urges.

I’m a Brazilian guy, so if there is another Brazilian here you can talk in Portuguese too.

Thanks for the supporting, guys, this app help me a lot. Stay safe!


Yes it’s normal i feel that too when i pass 40 days… some part of your brain still want to get high level of dopamine … this part we call it Emotional brain and he lead to falling in addiction, he doesn’t know what is wrong or what is true, he only want to enjoy and get more dopamine, he love Intraday pleasures , and in this case he told you to give up and give him his drugs … there is other part The logical brain he order you to keep going in nofap, he now the plan the beinifits the results.
You have fallowing ur logical brain because he now the truth .


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


Sure, it happens to a lot of people here.
But you have to push through it in order to win. I believe that something grate is waiting for us on the other side of the addiction. I’m excited to see it myself. And I’m ready to go through everything that will try to stop me. You can do the same. And the hardship level doesn’t matter. We can do that.


Thanks so much @Yagami-light , @JonSnow001 and @Vardan51878 . What you guys said help me a lot, and now I’m seeing with a new perspective.
It makes sense for me what @JonSnow001 said, and I will not try do this, I WILL DO. Let’s go fight for our freedom. Thanks again, dudes, God bless you :facepunch:t2::v:t2:


Will this help? Can you read this? Or the letters are too small?
You can read all of it.


Yeah, dude. I can read, thanks a lot for this.

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