Is It Just a Placebo?

So I tried many times to quit porn and I am still trying however I got beyond 2 weeks many times and honestly it does not feel like there was physical notable benefits and if there was am wondering if its all placebo effect? And I searched for researches or papers regarding effect of masturbation and I couldnt find any. If anyone has any published research regarding this topic please share it with me and thanks.

Bro, success stories are the papers.


Yes am saying its placebo. Zero studies prove any benefits other than +45% testosterone on day 7 that goes back to normal …

Anyways, we are supposed to do nofap. Do you agree?


Masturbation does effects both mentally and physically. If you can’t find any paper proving that, then I suggest you try it yourself.
You already have been masturbating and you already adjusted to its effect.
So go for 90days and you shall see, what you were missing. 2 weeks is nothing compared to 90days +


Dude those are some reputable resources, hope it helps you.

Nofap increases Testosterone levels even long after the peak on day 7:


I’d recommend this documentary which includes latest studies and researches on why PMO shrinks some parts of your brain and other negative impact it has on us:

Edit: The makers of the documentary also have a lot of studies and information here:


It does not go back to normal. Only the rate of increase decreases. If you have studied calculus, you can relate. The misconception is due to wrong presentation and flatline and frog-in-the-well effect. One should go for 90 days before concluding. Two weeks are nothing and it is very easy to say that grapes are sour.

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