Is it healthy to masturbate once a week?

I see some people on the internet that says, he masturbate once a week to control his masturbate or he didn’t masturbate for a week and then after he reach a week, he masturbate to control his masturbation and it’s keep going. Is that healthy?

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Hi john,

Healthy for what?
For your dick or for your brain?

I guess you can masturbate 3 times a day and still wont be unhealthy for your dick.

But think about how much will it affect your brain. Brain would get so many dopamine hits that it will no longer be willing to fullfill lifes goal.

If you watch porn and masturbate in unhealthy manner(with some fucked up fantasy/body standards which is mostly the case) then you will not be able to perform/enjoy real sex with a real woman.

I would recommend never masturbate.
If not possible certainly dont watch porn at any costs or indluge into unreal fantasies about sex.

Note- how old are you? Life is going to get much tougher if you are 19 20 currently. You will have trouble sustaining this habit of weekly masturbation. I am living miserable life at 26 and started nofap journey now(better late than never).


Men are wired in brain to increase sex/masturbation. It will be massive challenge to control masturbation all together as to controlling the frequency of masturbation.(thats what i think from my experiences).

If you follow once a week pmo then you wouldnt even know when you started fapping daily.


I think if we masturbate without watching p** that doesn’t damage the brain that much…but tbh i am taking it as a self control exercise…because this is one of the things that are visible and uncontrollable…if i am able to abstain from it i can see how much of me is really with me… also it is helping me in lowering the objectification of the humans in general.
Masturbation in general is neither healthy nor a disease…but it surely isn’t normal…we have a habit of normalising things we can’t control…it’s ok u did it but making a habit out of it even if it is once a week is not good i guess

Hi ishant,

I have slightly different opinion.

When you masturbate without watching porn(using imagination) you are imagining the same stuff that you watched in porn.

As long as you didnt have real sex you dont know how to imagine correct fantasy.

All that is shown in porn/and some movies is cancerous and toxic.

What do you say? Do you agree?Please let me know if you have different opinion.


If you want to embrace manhood you need to reject masturbation, porn.

Otherwise you will remain a child, unfulfilled and depressed. Unable to become and embrace the proper brain development and mental development and maturity that goes on with a person embracing the base level discomfort of not relapsing.

What a joke it is to ejaculate by yourself…

A man must provide for himself, shelter himself, feed himself and that is basically called being responsible for himself and being responsible for these factors in his life…

And once he can do that he can start being responsible for a woman in his life, like his wife.

And a man will use his masculine energy and his penis to penetrate the world with his dominance and produce offspring as well.

Really… I regret myself for all the PMO days… I only became more and more attached to.comfort and pleasure…
Comfort and pleasure are temporary things…

Understanding and being attached to comfort and pleasure takes me away from the reality of life…

How easy it is for you and me to use the internet now and be able to access such things…

Really if such an event were to happen in your life that you were left In the same place as the suffering people of Yemen, syria, and all oppressed Suffering people around the world… then you would truly understand… But by then it will be too late to redeem yourself. You will find yourself only in a bigger challenge… Possibly to remain there forever given that your character couldn’t even have the discipline to end this ugly addiction of PMO…

This world really is a world of survival… it’s easy to neglect this truth when living under some comfortable shelter… But even if you have the shelter and you say that you won’t be struck by calamity and use this as an excuse to continue PMO, you will still suffer depression


I dont like seeing Almighty name here in your profile. Please remove that, we are discussing about filth here.

I completely agree with you i was just saying that not watching porn but still masturbating is less stimulating and from my personal experience it is more satisfying…but however less toxic, toxicity is toxicity and we should get rid of it asap🤍

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This is a reminder for everyone that no matter where you are you are being watched and your actions are being recorded. There is no escape. And this is my identity as well. How does one escape filth? One escapes filth by being closer to Almighty and rejecting filth.

And what do people shamelessly do when they engage in PMO?
Even though Almighty is watching them they still forcefully arrogantly ignore and engage in this filth!
What a joke and disrespect! ANyway, I am guilty as well. But lets change the way of ourselves and end this PMO forever.

I don’t see any disrespect here. I only see respect.

And also I am very happy for you brother that you were concerned and you called me out. That is a beautiful and noble action.


Actually i am afraid of Allah. although here we are trying to escape from the clutch of satanic hold but this app has records of our dirtiest sins. I know Allah knows everything but you know what i mean, i fear Allah. What if Allah shows us the glimpse of our relapses recorded by ourselves. That will be terrible. Remember this sinner in your duas, brother. May Allah forgive us.

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@nura-raquya so true. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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