Is it considered as a relapse?

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@vicky7890 No brother, it is not considered as a relapse. Don’t worry, it just shows your mind is healing, craving to go back to p* or old ways and it is natural… Stay strong, all the best :+1::100:


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No, that is not considered a relapse. Fantasizing is to be avoided on this journey, however, as sexual thoughts lead to more urges and triggers and make things difficult for you. Cleanse your mind of those thoughts, when they come to you, picture something else instead.

What counts as a relapse:

Watching pornography - this can be any material that leads to a relapse. Some people only relapse to hardcore pornography, others to soft core, dancing clips, GIFs and images, some to audio clips and ASMR, or social media like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

This is called No P - No Pornography, or soft/easy mode. It is the minimum requirement on this journey for regaining sexual health.

Masturbation - this is a relapse, regardless of whether you ejaculate or do not. Some people have stopped watching pornography, but they continue to masturbate. You can make up your own mind about this, but I strongly disagree with them. 100%. Masturbation is an unhealthy habit which leads to sexual dysfunction. When someone masturbated but stops themselves before ejaculation, it is called edging. Edging is even more dangerous than regular masturbation. It leads to erectile dysfunction and edgers find it very hard to break the addiction - I was one of them.

This is called NoPM, or No Pornography/Masturbation. In my opinion, there is no point doing NoP alone and everyone should do NoPM as a basic requirement to regain sexual health and quit the addiction, but you are free to decide for yourself. This is called normal mode.

Sexual intercourse - this is only a relapse on hard mode, where someone has decided to leave both pornography and masturbation, as well as sexual intercourse for a time. People may decide to do this for greater and faster regaining of their sexual health and to receive benefits faster. They may also decide to be celibate for religious or spiritual reasons. It is usually done for a limited time, ranging from a few months to a few years, after which the person returns to normal mode.

This is called NoPMO, or hard mode once again.

Note: Wet dreams/nocturnal emissions/nightfalls are NOT relapses. The body will lose semen from time to time, as long as we did not cause that loss through pornography or masturbation, it is not a relapse.

Some people have taken on the hardest journey to achieve pure semen retention, and they want to stop all loss of semen.

This is the most difficult mode, and they usually have to delete all social media and anything which could lead to sexual thoughts, stop all forms of sexual fantasy and do research on how to stop wet dreams, usually involving special new habits, diets and exercises.

It is difficult and one should not be upset that he cannot fly a plane when he is struggling to ride a bicycle. It is important to leave behind pornography and masturbation first for a long period of time before attempting semen retention, or the resets every time one loses some semen at night or after a sexual thought or after using the toilet become very disheartening, and often lead to relapses.

I hope your questions have been answered brother. Day 10 - you’re past the first week already! The first month is the most difficult, it gets easier afterwards. Keep going, we are with you.


Thanks a lot for the clarification