Is having sex counted as relapse?

I just started my nofap journey because I feel that PMO is root of my problems Im having now. I started it few days ago but yesterday I’m having sex with my girlfriend. is it counted as relapsed?


No sir!! I personally don’t promote sex before marriage but that’s for another day… It’s totally fine as long as you’re not pleasuring yourself to something that’s not the real thing :slight_smile: good luck in your journey btw!!! GOD bless!!! Love you bro!!


Thanks man, appreciate the answer.

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Yes not promoting sex before marriage but it is not prohibited during nofap journey. Only thing that is not allowed is to watch porn and masturbate.


Yes unfortunately. Only make love after marriage for procreation is not a relapse.


so you saying, only having sex when you want to make a baby? if not it’s a no no?


thanks man, I don’t want to promoting it either. I think it’s more personal choice.

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This is already answered a thousand times. why you just didn’t search in the forum?

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I add it because people of different beliefs come here…

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sure, I agree in that.

Not make sex but make love.

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