Is fantasizing bad when doing no PMO

So I have been on nofap for 25 days now. Yay. I’ve gone to 83 days before and then I relapsed. I have lost sensitivity in my privates. Like no action at all. Even after 83 days I found that I had barely gained back any sensitivity.

Right now I’m on a 25 day streak. I’ve been reading about how you have to stop fantasy as well. Which I have been struggling with. I am constantly thinking about sex. Nothing kinky just fantasizing about my partner. Is it possible I haven’t regained back sensitivity because of my fantasies?

Help. I really want to regain sensitivity…


Fantasizing is bad when doing noPMO as it can lead you to relapse as once you are sexually stimulated by fantasizing and you get hard, you would want more. You would want to touch your genitals and watch porn.
So no fantasizing
Just abstain from PMO and you will gain your sensitivity in 60 to 90 days. It depends how dependent you are on porn to get hard. 90 days will be enough for 99% people to heal and regain sensitivity no matter how dependent they are on porn.

You said you fantasized about your partner?. Are you married?

BTW, sex with your spouse is totally fine in noPMO.


I have seen that fantasizing ultimately will lead you to relapse so it’s better to avoid fantasizing to make your path easier. Remember, thought is the seed of action


Not married. We aren’t having sex yet. Have been holding off because of the lack of sensitivity. Relationship pretty new. So if I go past 90 days and nothing is that a train to be worried?
Haven’t had sensitivity for a long time now. Only realized late it could be because of watching too much P.

Yes… Go past 90 days and there will be nothing to be worried about.also don’t watch porn ever again or you will lose your sensitivity again.
Also 90 days is just a standard time…
People have gotten their sensitivity in 50 days and 70 days too. It varies from person to person.90 day is the maximum time needed for complete rewiring.
Maybe you have already gotten your sensitivity back and maybe not. But checking it out and failing to get hard will result in embarrassment for many people. So go for 90 days and you will be 99.9% sure that u r all healed.


Don’t fantasise bro. Don’t think about girls; don’t look at them be celibate for atleast 90 days. Iam also suffering from the exact problem you just mentioned, loss of sensitivity and my dick is dead! :sweat_smile:
But it’ll go away, it is p*** induced. Focus on your purpose; health; meditation and exercise. Don’t focus on pmo related things


How long have you been doing no PMO?

Yeah its bad. Don’t entertain those thoughts