Is Edging till precum Relapse

So my friend edged till he had a bit of precum come out and like idk if he lost his streak or not so could someone tell me? As in he didnt ejaculate he just edged for hours

Depends on how he perceives it. Is he trying it for extending sex time? Otherwise, Man edging is as bad as. And precum is also Ejaculation. Mostly, edging leads to Masturbation & Orgasm eventually. So tell “your friend” that he relapsed.


Edging is masturbation, plain and simple. It’s just an unfinished session.

If your friend is abstaining from pornography but not masturbation, let him continue his streak, though I doubt he went hours simply staring at the bathroom wall. Otherwise, it’s a relapse.

Edging is an extremely dangerous behaviour. It fortifies the pathways in our brains linked to the addiction - someone who edges will find it even harder to quit PMO. This is because it releases much more dopamine than a single PMO session as the experience is dragged on for extended periods of time. Added to that, this leads to sexual dysfunction, as the brain will become wired to experience much more pleasure from a hand than a woman. Extended time in masturbation does not equal extended time in sexual intercourse, in fact, the person may find they are unable to even become erect.


If he watched P or fantasized P-like scenarios I would say yes because he ruins his rewiring and rebooting.


Edging is the first step towards a Relapse.

Mark My Words… Your friend is going to Relapse soon…

The Death Clock has started… :clock12::clock1230::clock1::clock130::clock2: Tik … Tok… tik… tok… Boom :boom:


Good insight. Some practices edging n other techniques for extending sex time. But yeah ED is big risk to take.

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Edging is relapse , releasing precum is not relapse …

ah how is it not? care to elaborate!

mostly precum doesn’t have semen … so those guys who are doing no masturbation or semen retention … are still on their track … to ejaculate semen we have to reach orgasm … so precum is ejaculated just before orgasm … release of precum makes the path smooth flow for semen n it is a sign of horniness , lust … means flood of urges which becomes harder to resist the flow of lust after precum release.

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Yeah right. We can still control ourselves after precum & shouldn’t give in doing it.

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Asking for a friend, aye? Tell him to be true to himself. No one is forcing him to follow this No PMO pathway. So no need to pretend or find loop holes in this life style.


It is, at the very least, a pre-relapse. If You allow yourself to edge, you are still in a addicted mindset. I have had a lot of problems with edging, and I can say that if you edge, your full relapse is just a matter of time.

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:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:… … … … …

if you think its me i just want to say i already reset my streak recently since i relapsed :joy::joy:

Up to you, but just remember, like Sahas said above, unless he controls this, he is doomed to fail.

Spider’s web: you think you are safe flying to the edge, but one day, you gonna get caught. And the spider got you.

Refer him to the spongebob squarepants episode when they kept playing with the fishing hooks. PERFECT analogy for PMO and NoFap.