Is edging a relapse

As the title implies, it is a question worth answering.

If anyone would like to answer, go ahead.


May I ask you, how are you “edging”?


Looking at images and masterbated without ejaculation

I feel bad about it and I feel sad so I reset my streak.


So I do count that as a relapse. The whole point is to get rid of PMO addiction, and by “edging” like this you are doing PM.


I don’t count edging itself as relapse, but I feel the real devil catches on very fast! I have never lasted more than 3 days after edging to pixels. In the next 2-3 days after edging, my progression goes - clothed pics to nude, image to video and :-1:. And most of the time I am in denial of what I am actually doing.

I think your real battle begins again now. Keep yourself busy and rewire! All the best!


Yes edging will lead to masturbation but u didn’t have to reset your streak in my opinion but man do not edge u will lose 99.9 percent of the time and the reason I state u haven’t lost your streak because in the process of learning as a young man u might watch a little bit u still deprived yourself from pleasure which is strong as well
But learn from your mistake do not indulge in porn for fun it means your scared of boredom creating vulnerability which is signs of the common man were as a community are trying to become the uncommon man.
Love yourself don’t lose yourself over this loss were all a community of respect but we will hold u accountable because you’re like a brother and a brother has fallen let’s get back up the year is still a newborn
Message me if u want direct 1on1 help if u get bored and loss message me don’t lose by yourself.


Blessings on you bro for your honesty. I’ve asked that same question to myself many times, knowing the answer is a “yes” but often, if not always, coming to the point of accepting, it’s not about the streak, but a way of life, and not resetting.
But good on you for setting a good example, its what I think is ‘true’ rewiring in the making.

We shouldn’t get overly scrupulous to the point of self obsession, but it’s good and honest to be frank with oneself.
Am I actually making the effort?
Could I choose better?


Edging is dangerous and it is definitely relapse as per me. We are trying to rewire our brain but when we edge we are feeding our brain the poison which results in the strengthening of the link with porn or masturbation in our brain. Read easy peasy method there they have given why its dangerous and how it affects dopamine receptors.


@anon67854825 you are welcome brother.

I was sad for an hour, but now my sadness is gone.

It must be because I reset the app and my streak aiming for a better life.

New year New Stats


Unfortunately for me, read easy peasy for me hasn’t fixed the problem.

I need to stop using Google images as a source of PMO.

I also need to stop searching one particular P site.

3rd, I need to find motivation. I have none.


Use (Google for questions to intrigued the mind for words of knowledge don’t let Google use u)
Don’t let YouTube wander your mind with sexual desire
I personally let go of youtube Snapchat and Instagram now I use educational websites such Khan academy or any thing associated with education . Education is key
The mind is so curious we have to fill that desire or else desire will wonder


It depends, if you are doing hardmode nofap then it surely is counted as a relapse, if you are doing easy mode nofap then it might not be counted as a relapse, but it is equally harmful, it will lead to a relapse sooner or later. So it is better to reset the streak after edging (my personal experience). I lost my highest streak of 172 days because I edged, thinking that it will do nothing as I have such a high streak, but after 2 days I ended up relapsing.


The mode I want to do is the mode where I stop looking up images and videos that made me relapse all this time.


Then that means hardmode, where watching p*rn images or videos is considered relapse


Yes, More harmful than relapse
You just try to fool your organ man


Hmm we guys, yeah guys esp , need to know something…

I read this a while back, so this is how it goes…
I’d you are edging and not releasing seven, the seven goes back to the prostate and crystallizes there…
This is very bad for the prostate and doing this will def lead to a number of problems…
The urologist who made this particular finding was denied in the urologists association,as the association found that they would lose younger clients(typically of age 16-25)…
Younger clients are new to the world of urological problems, blame needs to head to mastrubation…

That creates a lot of problems to the prostate…its much safer guys, I repeat much safer to go on and complete your orgasm, and promise yourself that it’d be your last one…

Don’t edge !!

I would count that as a relapse. But that’s ok because relapse is not failure. Stay positive my friend.

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