Is edging a relapse?

Is like real edging when you masturbate and get close to climax and stop considered relapse

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Yes, it is a relapse.

If you are stroking your penis, that is a relapse.

If you are watching pornography, that is also a relapse.

Edging is even worse than regular masturbation as it damages the penis faster and speeds up erectile dysfunction. Our penises weren’t designed to handle that kind of stress.


Didn’t know that.
Ok thanks bro. I will have to start my streak over then…


Do yourself a favour man, leave it all behind you for good. You’ll thank yourself for making the right decision.

I was a chronic edger. Life is so much better now without that poisonous activity. Much brighter, full of life, joy and peace, stress levels have gone down and confidence is up. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


You’re right I will. I need to stop this habit. Thank you so much for your help and participation in this community you really helped me out. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome bro, happy to help

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@Forerunner how can edging be a relapse in NoFap. As far as i know a fap is considered to be a relapse in NoFap. If i’m wrong then pls do correct me.

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@Harn08 Masturbation is always a relapse. Whether or not the person climaxes/ejaculates, they have still relapsed.

Edging is like masturbation overload. The brain is flooded with excessive dopamine and the chains of addiction are reinforced. It is much more damaging than regular masturbation. The penis is abnormally gripped during edging in order to prevent ejaculation, and this speeds up the process of developing erectile ejaculation.

If an alcoholic decides to stop drinking, he has to maintain that commitment. He can’t hang out in the bars and pubs he used to visit, or tell himself that he’ll drink some vodka but he’ll spit it out before swallowing it - he’ll just enjoy the taste. He’s still heavily addicted. He’s not doing anything to help himself break free.

The only cure is permanent abstinence. No pornography or masturbation of any kind. No justifying or rationalising going back to that poison. Life is many times better without it.

There’s a saying - It’s hard to keep lions on a leash. That’s why we keep them in cages. Addiction is like a lion. If we allow him to roam around on a leash - letting him have a little peek here or an edging session there, he will eat us up. His hunger can never be satisfied, and he will always want more than that. But if we lock him away completely and give him nothing to eat, he is much easier to control.


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