Is doing Nofap in puberty harder?

Im 17 and I really want to know…is it okay to supress my desires too much… because the hormone levels are so high in this age group…so is it okay?

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There are people like @Ash_Matt and @rewire_user who are around the same age, or maybe a little older and are doing great. There are even people 14-15 years of age here and some of them are also going great no fap wise.
It’s best if you use that energy for something else. Don’t ever give up on no fap. It’s the best path one could take.


Its not suppressing your desires and wasting your energy rather giving them right direction so that you can be the best version of yourself.
Also you are lucky to have realized the fact that pmo is bad for you. So definitely its the perfect age for you to get over this addition and do something meaningful in life.


Im 19 and wondering the same thing, ive also got Adhd and Autism and I heard somewhere that Adhd and Autism makes recovery more difficult, but im not sure if that’s true, because I once got as far as 45 days and that’s the only time I’ve been more than a month.


I think you are wise.
Just wanna @anon9498230 to the convo being the same age group.

I think it’s good to be honest and truthful with yourself.
But also realise porn is a very distorted view of sexuality.

And also a note about pmo,
I’m back at Day 1 - in poetic terms;
Pmo is like a sticky tar substance which ruins a nice shirt - we can wash it but a stain will remain long after. Just a day clean will not be enough to clean it completely, but more like a week or further will be needed.
Also the more dirt we might have ingested, the much more cleaning might need to be done.

Please don’t sink in the swamp.
I’m very much in this place at the moment,
I can only tell myself “wtf are you doing man?” when the urges and temptations arise.

Last week seemed so easy, and I felt completely free. But once sipping from that cup, it very tempting and easy to fall for more, only making being free so much harder.


From what I’ve learned u shouldnt suppress your sexual energy, but transmute it. It’s hard as shit to do but once we learn it’ll be incredible. Im also 17 and im really struggling with this because i try to surpress and push forward instead of just kinda accepting the fact that im a horny horomonal teen and putting the sexual energy towards other things. So don’t surpress at all, but also don’t give in. Be honest with yourself, and learn to take and use all this energy you have welled up inside


People at younger age have a more moldable brain.

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@Nep1234id is totally right!
It might be “harder” due to an increased impulsiveness in puberty!

On the other hand imagine how hard it will be once you have been used to Fapping for years or decades and built your daily life around it…


It is also more beneficial
Without porn you have more energy
To put in finding your place in society
An early start might be crucial

The difficulty of avoiding Fapping
Depends on your routines
Your constructive habit forming
And your relationship to challenges


To the teenagers here

I am 31. My start in this whole thing was mainly the pandemic.

At my age kids, stress, years of loneliness, and never having a girlfriend are all items connected to my addiction.

If you read anything I have written on here, you will see the sadness and pain this does to a person almost twice your age

I wish everyone the best of luck.

Remember it is hard at any age.


Bro btw 17 is not a pubertal age…

Many hormonal changes occur.
You are raging with hormones at this time…urges are higher…all the way up to 22…

I just believe that nofap is a challenge which was MEANT to be Hard brother.
Or else why the fck would we call it a challenge in the first place!? :joy::joy::joy:
There was a 15 year old here whom I admire a loooot @kostantinosNF this guy. He’s 18 now and has completed 1400+ (and still counting) days. He’s into this from when he was 14.
He is a major inspiration to us dude. He didnt give a fck about hormones and stuff he just continued to go and didn’t stop no matter what happened.
That’s what a true nofapper is. He is a major inspiration to me


I disagree with the sentiment.
The nofap Challange definetly is hard. which is sad but also benefital → which @prothekter_aden is pointing out, since you definietly feel better after achieving sth. hard than sth easy.
The facet that i disagree with is that you it is not meant to be hard it suck that it is difficult life would be so much more amazing if we could PMO instantly.
→ what i am trying to say:
find that ways that make NOFAP easy!!!
only that way you can have longterm success.
definetly be proud about every single day you keep your streak!!!:+1:
But also do everything you can to understand yourself your needs and your tendencies and change yourlifestyle so that it is EASIER to stay on streal than relapse

→ e.g always keep sth that can help you calm down in areas where you know that you might be triggered.
there is a ton of literature on this and you would propably get some great ideas if you ask in this group.

bests keep up the fight - hope this helps

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It’s better you began it earlier because then you’ll rewire faster. Youth is a killer advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you use it.
Scientifically speaking, ofc youth is better since your neuroplasiticity is at its highest ans your body can naturally produce higher dopamine levels so as to combat withdrawal symptoms.


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