Is accidental peaking considered Relapse?

Hello Everyone

I hope you all are doing fine and staying strong.

Yesterday I was surfing the internet for some educational content related to my preparation for an exam and I accidentally clicked a popup link which opened a page displaying a semi nude woman. It was a fake advertisement meant to defraud people. But ever since I saw that page I haven’t been able to clear that image from my brain.

I feel ashamed but I know in my heart that I didn’t intentionally open it. And now I don’t know if it is considered a relapse. I haven’t broken my Nofap streak or anything but still I am unsure.

It would be kind of you all if somebody would advise me accordingly and relieve me of my tense mood.

Please advise me guys!!!


wooo dude! calm down, its not a relapse! you are still in your path of purity :smiley:

beware of those things brother,

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i would reccomend you reading the messages from message board for some time

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I an not sure brother. I have been trying to focus on my studies today and it has been pretty hard.

I was feeling somewhat recovered as I am on my 20th day of Nofap. Ever since I saw that semi naked pic of a woman, I’ve been feeling an urge. The brain fog had decreased by a lot until yesterday but I think it is back and stronger than before.

I am not going to jack off, that I am sure about, but rewiring of my brain has hit a wall. I am not sure if I should start my streak again.

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ay, it happens with every single person who mistakenly\intentionaly seen some triggering stuffs.
these triggers are just like magnets, once you get in its field you will feel discomfort for some time. but if you are determined, you will be able to get out of it!
keep patience! im sure you are not gonna ruin your streak!