Introvertdude diary [18,M]

I’m beginner, I feel like lost, don’t know what to and how to do things here.
Fapped last night, im completely shattered in pieces :sleepy:
Breaking 134 days streak sucks, sucks a lot.
Anyway going strong won’t look back this time.
Help me guys in this initial days…they keep me pulling down again and again


I understand… I felt like shit when I broke my meagre 15 day streak. But i haven’t forgotten how unworthy that relapse was as opposed to my streak. So keep that in mind next time


Don’t limit your challenges , challenge your limits …

I hope it helps you to resist and to describe and talk if you need and to confess to yourself if that’s will too …
Keep breathing deeplily and don’t ever stop exploring yourself , your needs and to be passion and asking always yourself about your reasons to do , to fight , to move on …
I hope you will do the best .


thanks a lot for those words mate <3

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