Introduction and question

Hello everyone I am new to this forum before I have tried other applications in which nofap has worked well for me But lately it has relapsed again, I have a doubt…

I have a girlfriend, for quite some time and I always had the doubt, if when I have oral sex it is also considered a failure to nofap, because there may be certain blowjobs and that leads to stimulation of the virile member and I don’t know if it is considered a violation of the rule of nofap

It should be noted that the times when I end up receiving oral sex I have always masturbated until I finished and I don’t know if that is considered a violation of the nofap rules.

Thanks for all your replies.


If you masturbate then it’s a relapse and as far as sex is concerned it’s up to you that you will consider it or not. Certain people consider it as a relapse certain not.

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