Introduction and please someone help

Hey guys
Great to see an amazing community here I am new here and I would really appreciate if someone helped me yo walk through this I am little overwhelmed by this and I am not into this terminologies please somebody help


Welcome to the community. Don’t worry about the terminology, which I believe is not a rocket science, everybody’s been there when they started out their journey. Most important thing is the same goal. Give it a few hours/days read a few posts & you’ll start getting. Don’t need to put out a lot of emphasis on the stuff that you don’t get, you can always as ask queries within your understanding, people have been there, they’ll get it.


Welcome Brother @abrarsaifudheen.
It’s a great community where everyone is so helpful and supportive. Feel free to talk to anyone and ask help. All the best for your NoFap journey.


Welcome to the community!! @abrarsaifudheen

Not necessary, however I think this will help-
General facts about NoFap, PMO, MO

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