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dont let your past define your present
into the night season


this problem.also.effect me @Adioz
there is a proverb a straw that broke camels back
and the other thing is water fall effect


Whenever i think of doing any good stuff. All the bad memories, all the sins that i did come in my mind. It feels like i have let my parents down. One day or the other, the consequences of the sins will come back into the life and will effect my life drastically. I don’t like going forward with the good stuff that i wanted to start.

These memories decrease my work efficiency. All those flashbacks haunt me anytime in the day.

I want something to hold on to, so that i can finally let those flashback go away from my mind permanently.

Thanks for this thread.


Can anyone continue talking on this thread? Any kind of suggestions, motivations on this topic?

I really need something to hold on so that i can let go my past.

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hellloe @strongwillpower
past always hurts because unfirtunately we are the one who got addicted to pmo ,before us people were unaware of this .
we ve to forget everything from past
im also indulged in past for 4 days .
its terrifying , i cant think about my real picture .
this habbit has changed my picture in my mind .
i was not that person .

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It can be painful if you kept holding to the past. But you can change that.
By looking it from a different angle , more like an positive angle.
Take my story for example , I lost my family’s money in a fraud, that was my huge mistake 2 years ago. We were almost broke, since I belong to a lower middle class family, I still get the feeling of what if I have made another decision.

But now we are good and we have a stable income. Here’s how I look into this, I learned the value of money , I learned where and how to invest money. Since it was not my money , I felt an urge to repay that money to my family. I started taking calculated decisions.

The point is , you cannot change the past. Just look it from a different angle. What would have happened if that incident never happened to you, I would have never realized the value of money at such a young age, I would have never been serious about my life and energy at such a young age.
That’s all :blush:

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Thanks for the valuable words @alexcoz600 @tuku

Taking this positively is what we can do. Thanks man !

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