Intermittent Use (1-4 Weeks Between Relapse) Just as Destructive as Habitual Everyday Use

Didn’t know this. I thought abstaining for 2-4 weeks healed the addiction somewhat. Turns out abstaining for anything less than a month has the same effects on your body as habitual everyday use… Maybe even worse effects… Smh

Let’s beat this all the way.


It is worth fighting for, today’s pain makes up tomorrow’s song. :grinning::heart::trophy:


Here’s my take on this :

The goal is not to quit porn, or stay away from porn, or keeping your hands off from your dick for 90 days, 180 days, one year or whatever.

The goal is to become an amazing human being with an awesome life who doesn’t give two shits about porn or masturbation, who just doesn’t coom or just doesn’t masturbate.

This is not abstinence, or trying to quit, this is about becoming the kind of person who just doesn’t do it.

This is about being the kind of man who, even when bombarded with triggers from left, right and centre, can look them in the eyes and say, "Hard pass, I ain’t a coomer. I got better and more fun things to do."

So what are we even talking about? :fire::fire: