Instagram models

Ok so i have a groupchat with some mates and one of them sent some pictures of ig models and told us to rate them out of 10. They were not nude. I did look at the pics but didnt fap or touch. Did i relapse?

No you didn’t, you relapse when you ejaculate. Note that some people also consider a release when they’ve edged.


Relapse is counted when you light up your PMO pathways in your brain. The root purpose of nofap is to weak the addiction pathways.
And sorry to say. Mestur*** lights up the addiction pathways.


Dude, even though it didn’t consider as a relapse but I would highly recommend to avoid Instagram as much as possible. One might not fap to insta, but would eventually make him land on a P*** site. Then stopping yourself from fapping would be extremely difficult. Well I personally had failed and relapsed due to insta, just be careful. And I don’t think looking at models is even advisable during nofap, it slows down your the very process you’re on.


Please please please be warned to be careful, especially when your streaks are high.

Social media drugs are very harmful, and once you explore, you’ll get caught in spiderweb.

Beware, because I barely escaped it.

The way I consider a relapse is when you allow yousrelf to release unjustified dopamine in your brain using sexual excitement. So if you experience any symptom of dopamine rush, you relapsed. This includes:
Uncontrollable shaking hands
Feeling of being very cold/hot
This makes sure that you fight the right fight, because all in all, you’re not trying to abstain from porn. You’re trying to detoxify your brain. So as soon as it receives too much dopamine, you are teaching it to ask for more.
Good luck!


And btw change the title it’s triggering me

But girls(triggers) are everywhere. How am I even supposed to avoid feeling dopamine rush? Even just a particle of the thought gave insane urges!