Insomnia and Nofap

Day 20 …
How can I deal with insomnia … what should I do to improve sleeping … nowadays I have exams in my college that I have to pass it successfully but it is difficult for me to do it with insomnia and NoFap together … any suggestions ?

Have you tried meditation? I find if I don’t let any thoughts through, except I only focus on counting my breaths, I’m asleep in no time. My personal experience is that anything that goes wrong in life, or right in life, starts with thoughts. Being able to control my thoughts, is like weeding a garden, it’s easy if done often and not left to get out of control.


I’ve had this problem too and ruined my longest streak to date because of it. It’s not worth it to fap. I was stressed anyway and woke up ridiculously early and unable to sleep. I underperformed. Fixing anxiety and sleep in any other way you can better. Doing nothing and sleeping less is better as well.
Sorry, no tip. Just sharing experience :slight_smile:

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