Insane urges , going crazy (trigger alert)

So I had a somewhat wierd sexual dream last night , I dreamt that all the animals were standing on two legs and they were having sex with humans , a hippo with a man , a woman with a dog etc etc . I also dreamt that a white woman was jacking off a black dude on a beach with those animals
When I woke up I thought about BLACKED (you know ) and that was it , I strarted getting huge urges (still am ) I also started remembering my past M sessions and when ever I looked at a girl/woman in a movie who I find attractive (every woman actually )I think about the P videos and then again I get urges
So I wanted to ask is there anyother guys out there who experiences this or is experiencing this ?
How do you counter it?


I too had same experience but not the same dream.
Your dream is very weird. But most of the dreams are weird. Anyway,
The very Next day i had Relapsed.

So i cant help you here.

Can you clarify what exactly you want to counter?

One advice that sometimes works for me is to set a short goal and do anything to stick to it.
For instance, make it without relapsing for one more hour, just one.
Then do everything in your power to hold that. Go for a walk (without you phone). Take a cold shower. Scream as loud as you can. Jump up and down until you fall down from fatigue.
Then after that hour, set a new goal. And so on.

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Or if you feel that you really can’t control it. Do this: and go to instructions.
You can find the music for the meditation on Spotify, just search “osho dynamic”
Good luck and have fun

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The thoughts related ti the dream and their connection to porn videos I saw

Thank you for this advice

Oh, in that case I can’t offer much advice unfortunately

It’s nothing more than you have subconscious desire to have sexual activity


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So what to do about it as it gives me urges

… i am praying for you.

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Thank you but I relapsed just 15 mins ago

Then join us in LAST MAN STANDING

Well you don’t need to worry & enjoy your dream because they are harmless & you have some chances of during dream yet embrace it. This will regulate body system.

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