Inam getting relapse often and often

Someone help me out plzzz


@Davidfredrich hi , it seems you have a lack of commitment and a weak effort. But don’t worry, we all were in your place at one point.
I would recommend you to answer in detail, the following questions:

How much PMO has damaged your life?
Why do you want to get rid of PMO?
What is your vision in life?

If you don’t want to answer them publicly , you can write them down in your notebook . And read those answers daily. Remember consistency is the key. These answers will be you fuel to your destinations, make sure to use it at the right time.

Now I am not good with strategies , but once you develop your commitments, you will find plenty of methods around this forum that will work for you. All the very best for your journey @Davidfredrich :raised_hands: