In need of an accountability partner

I need someone who I could be accountable to, I’m also willing to help that person too so we could fight this together

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Why I want a companion - I need support right now, I’m tired of living this secret double life and I believe God can help me but there’s a need for fellowship also


This place is full of motivators… positive and supporting companions…

Welcome sis… now time has come to stop this PMO shit… but this is not gonna be easy but yeah at time of urges… we can help each other and motivate each other.

Only then we can rewire our brain… so feel free to ask for help or share your thoughts here…

Try to make some new habit sis… So that this PMO habit can be replaced by that new one.


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I really appreciate this thank you

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Sister, Never give up :fire::fire:. Focus on your daily routine. After somedays you will get the result.
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