In need of an accountability partner!

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Sharing code - 2fe040 *

Current steak - 1 day *
Highest steak - 6 days *
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - Ecuador

Why I want a companion - I feel that I might be able to do better with an accountability partner, and I might be able to help someone *

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Hi, I’m at day 5 with highest streak of 10 days. Add me and i will add you. Lets go for 90 days together. My sharing code is baedd3. I’m male 22 years old. Add me I’m adding you. Best of luck.

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@anon72108583 @don95 alright bros, I’ll add you guys.

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Can I be part of this as well? I’m guessing companions,especially when times get tough might come in handy. I’m pretty new here with a current streak of 4 days.

Yeah, of course! I’ll add you right now, leave your code here.

@rockonjd8 thanks man. Lets do this together!!

Sharing code - e4db87

Current steak - 5 days
Highest steak - 7 days
Age - 27
Gender - M

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