In how many days what changes u see after no fap?

In how many days what changes u see after no fap?
When did you see your first realistic change which encouraged you. Share n Encourage!!

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From my experience day 3 is where all the benefits come in and as you grow in days more benefits will come, but you have to watch out day 3 is where I usually relapse so be aware and be ready for it when it comes.

Day 11, think on woman and not on bodys

For me, it is less that I see results after a certain number of days and more that I see them once I reached a certain level of recovery. (it doesn’t make to much sense to say I relapsed, so I will loose all my benefits and I will need to wait another x days to regain it! ). I feel currently still feel better 3 days after a relapse then I did half a year ago on my 55 days streak.

The only thing I see after each relapse is that I am quite angry the first few days. I’m very irritable in this time but I think that is more kind of a hangover or withdrawal.

So, I can’t tell you which benefits I have after how many days but I can tell which benefits I got since my first time of trying nofap half a year ago (I hope that encourages you too to continue) and of course it is not only nofap that changes your life. You are changing it. Most of my changes I have because I choose to change them:

  • I’m so much happier. I feel more balanced, and I can enjoy the details in life again. I see a beautiful flower and feel joy about it. I don’t need large stimuli anymore to feel good. (I guess dopamine levels are slowly normalizing again.). For me, that is one benefit I wanted to have the most. The appreciation of small details gives you the chance to be happy even if nothing special happened.
  • I have so much more free time -> I can do so many things I didn’t have time before like doing more with friends, going outside more, playing the piano again
  • I don’t know how often I’ve heard my mum saying that she is so glad that I somehow seem to be happier than I have ever been before (she obviously doesn’t know anything about my nofap.)
  • Sex with my gf is slowly starting to change. More and more often it feels different / more like it should be

I still have some problems with seeing girls a bit as an object especially if the dress like one. But I’m sure I will be able to handle that too.

I hope this helps you too