I'm writing a book!

Hi there!!! I know some of you who are reading this already know who I am and a bit of my story!! My name is ChristianMan but you can call me Chris (even though that’s not my real name I just don’t mind, I like going by an alias)

I intend to write a mini-book sort of thing in the next month or so that’s going to be about personal experience and some stuff I learned from EasyPeasy… I’m here to ask you all if there is some stuff you specifically want me to hit in my mini book?

Words have always kind of been my strong suit and now that I’m succeeding in NoFap my creativity is coming back to me and I’m getting ideas!!! I want to write again and make videos and draw and enjoy my life!!! And I’m going to share that in my book later!

Any ideas, constructive criticism, questions, advice before or after the book is released is greatly appreciated!!

Hope you all have just a fantastic blessed day even if you relapsed today!! It’s time to get back up!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL TO THE FULLEST!!!


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