I'm taking a break

I’m taking a break for a couple months, but ill be back at the end of the month to complete a challenge I started at the start of the month. Im not giving up on my recovery though, I’m already a month in, and ive got other apps that will help me in my journey to freedom, but anyway I wish you all luck in your recovery and journey to freedom, I wish all of you well!


God bless you and we will wait for the new end that you desired for a long time , we will wait to tell us the benefits and the changes happened to have a real motivation …
Take care @anon44754080


I’m taking a break for a while and will be back for NoNut November, I find there are too many loopholes in this app which could lead me to relapse at any moment, so I’m taking a break from Rewire for a few months and will be back when I’m stronger and further into nofap. During this time I’ll block rewire. If you want to keep up with me in my journey, follow my username Jaredcox#1605, I will create and invite you to a server.


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