I'm so sorry I just couldn't resist

This has been terrible day for me. On the 28 of match I LOST IT! I was in my 17th day of No Fap when I saw an extremely sexual video and I just couldn’t resist​:sob::sob:. This has been a terrible day for me but I won’t give up. It’s not how hard you get hit its how much hits you can take! I FEEL EXTREMELY DISSAPOINTED SO MUCH THAT I WANNA KILL MYSELF. PEACE!

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Remember your all progress is not lost by A SINGLE ORGASM.
But if you do it AGAIN AND AGAIN. It will come back to Level zero.
So Stay Strong.


Write it down, what happened, when it happened, why it happened, who made it happen, what was your 1st response towards the trigger, would you have been able to stop yourself if you had thought the other way around.
Write all these things down, the next time you feel like giving up, just read them. If you again fap add 1 more question, why did I do it even after reading my previous failure.
This will remind you how your brain plays tricks on you. Then you can force your consciousness to fighting it and believe my friend it will become easy to some extent.

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