I'm on Day 10 and need help

I have strong urges and would feel satisfied or a be pleased if i can watch some soft pictures or vids like Ecchi Hentai. can I ? If i don’t do anything ? I can control myself but I want it. If I do so…would it destroy my Streak or like making the benefits worse or gone or fade away ?


Nooo that’d be an big mistake you’re just converting your way of watching lustfull content
Ecchi is basically soft porn so it won’t help and would give you much more urges in future only :neutral_face:

I’ll recommend changing genre to shounen if it’s anime or sci-fi if you want regular tv

Also stop wasting much time on leisure ( That’s the main goal of nofap too ) maybe 1-3 episodes a day only

What I do is read 1-2 manga chapters in my 10 minutes study break :sweat_smile:

Simple answer Yes…

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I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey

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