I'm not too strong

I’ve had this addiction since November 2020 because I’ve heard about NNN and boom that’s how it all started,yeah it’s a stupid reason. At late 2021 untill now I’ve been going up and down and again and again like when i reached day 6 and then relapsed and i went downhill, i never reached 10 days or more than that, i rarely us this app should i keep using it? I try to forget PMO thinking that i can get rid of porn by that


Hey man i have also been in same situation and now i have installed this app. My longest streak has been 16 days but i want to make it 3 months. I have failed a lot of times but i hope i will make through it. Wishes to you my friend.


Thanks man i hope you succeeded in life

Don’t worry brother if you are not too strong so ain’t me. It just a choice which matters the most with a good intention to remove it

Hey guys, I have been fighting this since the pandemic began.

I relapse every 2 days, so can we make this a group thing and try to help each other. I’m tired of 2 day only streaks.

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Bro find real reason deep enough, research, and make a plan. Stick to your schedule, practice Meditation, Exercise, Practice Gratitude. You will surely win

The fact that you choose to do something to overcome PMO means that you are stronger than you can imagine… just don’t give up

Sure but idk how to make group

Me too man, if you come to know about such feature then do add me bro

that is what you have to ask yourselves for doing nofap. If you don’t have than you are going to fail just like I used to before I completed my 90 day streak.

If you can’t find any reason then start with making aim of 1,2,3month of something (ex- waking up at 5, running 1km etc) and continue your streak with that aim :ok_hand:
Wish you the best
Lage Raho ho jayega

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Number 1.) Stop counting days, you’ll start expecting that magical things will start happening because of a number. They don’t. Instead: Start measuring progress by the success in your life! Not by a number. Most people are looking forward to 30, 60, 90 days, and then forget about what’s going on in their life right now! They’re so driven on getting to that number that all they do is NoFap. They aren’t living anymore!! And even when they do get to day 90 they won’t feel any different!!! So here’s what happens when you start living in the present, and stop counting days: Even if you do relapse. This isn’t a setback because your life is improving in other areas now so NoFap isn’t all you have now! Sure, you’re going to make sure a slip doesn’t happen again, but you’re all good!

Number 2.) Don’t try to forget porn, and don’t try to ignore it either. Just don’t think about pornography or NoFap. Because if you think about NoFap too long you’ll turn back to pornography eventually. Instead: embrace that the thoughts are there, and say no. You’re not ignoring them because you’ve already said no so there’s no reason to fight. Now that you’ve said no, refocus your mind on something useful and the urges will go away without you noticing.

That is my best advice for you. This is why I feel I’m improving. Anyways, gotta run!


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