I'm mad, I want to work out

I relapsed. I wanna go work out. Any suggestions on where to start? I’m pretty built even though I don’t work out so I can take on some more difficult challenges. I can’t get to a gym so it’d have to be something I can do without equipment. I do have a pull-up bar and a salmon ladder if you know what that is. I haven’t been able to jump a rung on the salmon ladder yet. All suggestions are welcome!


You can do these exercises without any equipments and they are also good for making sexual energy down !!


1- Butt Kicks
2- Standing Crunches
3- Cross Strech
4- Jumping Jacks

5- Pushups
6- Squats
7- Squat Jumps
8- Diamond Pushups
9- Squat Hold
10- Russian Twists
11- Knee to Elbow Planks

● First 4 exercises are somewhat for body warming or Streching .

● Do these exercises as long as you :fire:


Thanks my friend. :smiling_imp: Go time >:)

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Consider a actual combat sport like Ren Fairre .ie Axe and shield or Pirates verses. Ninjas. Train under stress so you can handle it in actual stress and not fold.

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Yeah I thought about learning martial arts or something

Said “combat sport” as in some you can use if required in real life. Like archery or Ireali Krav Maga.


My archery teacher quit. I have no idea what the other thing is. What is it? “Ireali Krav Maga”

Basic gist is fight to get away by any means possible
Israel came up with it so a nation under threat of constant war might be onto something.


@Lefty101 Alright I’ll look into it. Already went to the park and did a small workout. Did a small bicycle ride. I’m already tired. I’ll work my way up. I guess my stamina is low.

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