I'm losing it.,

I feel like I’m trapped in a fantasy, nothing in life seems worthy anymore, I’m broken trying to pick my pieces and move forward. A vase, empty inside. I need support in any way or form, will be much appreciated.


Remember that once you reach rock bottom, the only way left to go is up. Do not lose hope brotha, this year will be better


It’s a real journey ahead brother, but reclaiming our lives is definitely worth it!

Remind yourself that no pain is permanent as long as we work to change our circumstances. We have the power to turn things around.

Good job having the courage to reach out; welcome to the forum! People are friendly and have great advice here, feel free to be yourself and ask the questions you need to.

Life gets better man!


Cheers everyone for the support!
Ive started to work on it, hope days get better


I feel you brother…

We have to stay strong and together in this difficult times.

Dont lose hope.

If I would have thought like giving up when I relapse, I would have gone from this forum long ago.

No matter how many times we relapse, learn to embrace the process.

Try to enjoy the process of rewiring

Its truly magical

And its worth it


Brother we all were or will be in your place at one point in our lifetime. These are tough times and we must hold strong. Know that porn is one of the main reasons behind depression amongst the teenagers. Not only teenagers anyone who thinks porn is the only way to escape from the reality and live in a fantasy totally leads them to a fake world.
The reality maybe hard but it teaches you to be strong. Your time will come, untill then make an effort to be happy. Life is all about happiness.
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