Im hopeless at this time

My longest streak with nf is about 3 months in my puberty which is strange, but that was like 10 years ago.Since then i fap if not every then every other day.Im now on my 5th day but its seems impossible to do these 3 months.On that long streak there was something to keep me busy and distract me.It was summer and i worked out and spending most of the time outside so it wasnt so hard.Now Im working alot and after i go home feel very tired to work out.Im a damaged person who never had sex or girlfriend and thats why im so sad most of the time and fapping seems the only good thing in my life, but i already understand its more bad.I see a little difference than 5 days ago.A little more confidence(maybe its an illusion) and alot of sexual energy i can barely keep in me.I dont know where to use it since ive got no friends, the weather is bad to go cycling which i love and im so tired.Can I expect anything possitive with this shitty life, the only solution im close to is exercising at home but i cant force myself to do it.I hope this lazyness will dissapear soon…

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I was also thinking same way but its normal because your mind is in agitated state now.
Once you hit your second week you will start getting hits of energy.
I am on day 16 now.
Read my Diary. I have written in it my experiences of everyday. Maybe you shall get an idea and some patience or motivation that may change your life.

Brother we shall rise together. Come On. We both can. :blush:

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I hope you are right brother!

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While is good to think in a long term goal like 90 days, it is good too thinking in smaller goals to achieve the big one, like: 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days.
Overcoming this smaller goals one by one is far more easier.

Another thing is: do not think too much on about not to do PMO. Make yourself busy with another good things and rest too. When urge starts, just let it alone, do not fight it, just ignore it and do another thing. Then in a few minutes it will pass.

Keep thinking on the benefits you will have with the reboot. Self control, proud of yourself, thinking like a normal person again. Remember how you really feel well when you win this sh*t PMO.

And do not give up. If you relapse, do not think you are a failure. On the contrary, get up again and continue, because if you are fighting it you are a good person.

And we are here too! For helping and be helped. :grinning::+1: