Im having nightfall after 5 days!

after abstaining from masterbation.its been 5 days past im without it.and im faced it natural?.Have you all faced this while abstain from masterbation?.Need reply :slight_smile:


Yes its natural, dont worry about nightfalls.
And if you face nightfall frequently like 3 times a week then i can tell you a method to prevent.

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Don’t worry about nightfalls sir, it’s part of the process


Yes its natural bro, dont overthink it. I am on day 43 and i had total 4 nightfalls. This was wierd fr me, but i realized that nightfalls are sign that brain and private parts are healing.

But dont fall fr trap and relapse again.


After day 5? Never happened to me, though. If you wouldn’t really think about girls, you won’t want to edge, therefore, relapse.

Yeah sure.It was a worst way to give up,but i wouldn’t give up easily.So leave it as a natural process :blush: