Im getting the urge please hepp quick someone

Hi im looking for a person i can talk to about porn im trying overcome my porn addiction im 12 and im a male struggling please message me on whatsapp if u see this number is 18683598131

U r 12
That’s not even a teenager
Stop fantasizing the things that u can never achieve
And work on ur self
Improve urself
Don’t get attracted to girls
They are temporary
But ur future is forever
If ur watching porn and masturbating then u have lost respect for urself
So first respect urself and stop these harmful things

Bro… Hear this… Im going to give you the 7 golden advices that if you follow, you will be strong enough to not only fight but also win over your urges.
Read carefully now…
You are just 12… What you need is to avoid is free time and boredom

1.Everyday in the morning of a new day or every night before a new day… Make a plan what you will do that day for 24 hrs Make a to do list for everyday and make it so busy but stress free that you don’t have time to waste… Time is a precious commodity. No money can buy back even the 1 second you waste. But it is your time and energy that you give someone in a job or business to earn money… Time and energy are your most valuable resources.

2.Start playing a physical sports eg basketball, football, swimming, martial arts, running, exercise… Anything that exhausts your Body. Whenever I feel emotional numbness or demotivation/ sadness in the evening, exercise takes care of it. Believe you me, exercise works magic on mood!. It’s your best pal against depression and demotivation. Exercise is an addiction. And the high is more awesome than any drug. You just have to develop a taste of this awesome drug. Be high on exercise. Be high on life. Don’t be low on fake high of PMO. :fire:

3.Study everyday even if it is as less as 30 minutes… Make a habit of studying… You need DISCPLINE IS LIFE TO SUCCEED IN ANYTHING

4.Avoid triggers… Don’t watch movies, series or animes…delete Instagram, reddit, Facebook and social media… DON’T YOU EVER DARE TO SCROLL SOCIAL MEDIA MINDLESSLY!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!
Watch something educational and motivational in YouTube but only see subscriptions page and avoid HOME page and YT SHORTS!!!

5.Meditate everyday. Sit down. Take a deep breath and think that porn and masturbation is a poison that drains life force out of you and makes you really miserable afterwards… But you feel awesome after exercise… Real happiness is not in orgasm but it lies at the post workout rest.

6.Whenever a triggering bad though comes into your find… Immediately think about something else… Think about God and ask His help. Take a deep breath and pray to the One and Only God.

If you are sitting down, then stand up, change your position, lie down or start walking… Drink a glass of water… The strongest of urges will have effect on you for 12 minutes if you detach yourself from the source of the trigger. You don’t need to do NOPMO for 90 or 180 days, just that 12 minutes. Rest is life. Work hard and enjoy it (not destroy it by fapping).

7.Put your computer in TV lounge or a place that is busy in your house. Don’t use mobile after 9 pm… Don’t be alone…


TRY TRY AGAIN… don’t regret relapse. You will relapse before achieving complete success. Never think the last relapse was your last one. Always be aware of your actions that mak lead you to slip and correct your actions.
Learn from your relapse and adjust the plan for the next streak… Know yourself… Know your triggers… Know your behavior… Know your current emotions and become able to identify your emotions…

Aim High in life and be the super awesome best version of yourself… YOU CAN DO IT!!!.

12 years old!!!
We need to make it quickly!!!
Slap your face hard enough
Run take a cold shower without thinking and looking at anything accept water
Wear large clothes and tight your belt
Urge back? Go outside for a walk
Not working? There are some others who have awesome ideas :bulb: you could say they’re my friends who you could also count on them at anytime
Stay strong :muscle:

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