I'm finally free!


I had this problem for over 30 years!
I looked for help here and I want to thank for this forum! I searched the internet on several websites and even looked for medical help.

One day someone said, it’s possible!
More than two thousand years ago a man died and this man knows how we can be free.
They say he has power over all things and he can help anyone!
This man is Jesus Christ and the only way to be free is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!
Look for an evangelical church closer to you, go to the Pastor, accept Jesus Christ and say that you want to get rid of this problem.
That’s what I did! With me it worked!
Now I read the Bible and I know that God exists and sent his only son Jesus Christ that gives us power to win in this life.
I also know that we all sin against God and therefore we are far from him. Believing in Jesus and going back to practicing God’s commandments is the only way to turn to God and him to us.
Although I do not see God I can see its effects. In the same way that I can talk on the phone without being able to perceive or see that there are waves of communications in the air!
THERE IS MUCH MORE THAN WHAT I CAN SEE. The spiritual world is real! It exists and has a lot of power!
Return to God if you wish. He likes everyone, just does not like the sin we commit in every day of doing what he says not to do.

God bless you all!


This is really motivating

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