I'm feeling uncomfortable between my legs

Hallo , I’m 29 years old male , about to be 30
So basically I have been with masturbation my whole life , my best strike was 60 days , and I don’t even know how did I made them .
So I wanna ask you guys did you felt in your first weeks of nofap a really uncomfortable feeling in the lower of the stomach like you have strong pressure between your legs or burns and if you masturbate , that feeling go away and if yes , how many days will it take for that feeling to go away , if you didn’t masturbate of course

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I have that right now so I can’t really help you. We’ll get through this though.

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Sounds like you’re on auto pilot right now. Try focusing your attention or engery on a specific task or goal instead of how I stop masterbation? You couldn’t walk,feed yourself or cloth yourself when born, now you can.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother.


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