I'm feeling great


Currently I’m on a 25 day streak and i feel fantastic. After 2 weeks or so i felt discouraged because I was thinking now that i am on no fap it’s time to get a girlfriend or else I will never relieve these urges. I didn’t realize that my mind still saw women as objects for pleasure. Now I’m content with being single and i am actually enjoying my days. I haven’t been dreading over school or girls or work and I’m just enjoying life. I never want to forget how good I feel right now and it’s not even like I feel good it’s just that I don’t feel bad. I am have no lies to hide no second life that no one knows about, no depression because I can’t find a girl. I’m just living life and it’s all thanks to no fap. Guys the struggle is worth it and i still get those urges often but as I continue I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Life is fantastic and it’s time to stop wasting it. I FEEL SO GOOD.