I'm feeling empty

Now with nofap (31 days in) I have noticed that i want to hang out with friends a lot more and when I dont I feel either super bored or I start thinking about this one girl and i get kind of depressed. I wish we could hang out everyday but unfortunately there just isn’t enough time where we are free to go out and do something. I need some advice on something that could fulfill that need for connection with my friends or just people in general. I know a lot of people will say something like talk to them on the phone or text then but that still doesn’t fill that hole. I need something that i could do by myself on a night where everyone is busy.


Read man, read, nothing better than this. Interested in philosophy? Start with Ayn Rand or Nietzsche. Interested in self help books? Read some brian tracy, dale carnegie. Pick up your genre and start reading.
A simple book to start with is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robery Kiyosaki


Help your family members.
Help them in their homework.


Explore your interests. Don’t try too hard to socialize. Work on your goals. Try meditating.


At night? Try sleeping?


“What are your hobbies?” Imagine what if your friends or the girl about whom you think about asks.
About books, fellow companions have already answered, so won’t stress on that but yeah…

Your goals? Your plans? Your ‘To-Do’ list (the recent tasks which you need to achieve, monthly, quarterly, annual ‘Big’ plans?

Have you noted them all down? Then start planning on them, acting on them One Step at A Time

Have you tried meditating? Sometimes when mind is crowded with thoughts yet there’s no way you can act on them, best is to meditate- Your brain works best in meditation filtering and sorting ALL those crowded thoughts

Hope all the above inputs help :+1:



Hey, hang in there. The whole lot of us are here and we’re putting in the work too. We’re together in this and that’s a powerful bond. :slight_smile:

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