I'm doing a 30 days digital detox

I’m not able to concentrate on my studies , coz of my stupid phone and watching youtube whole day , coz of this I’m not able to practice nofap and being lethargic whole day as a result anxiety , depression and lack of sleep.

See you on 26th April


Hey bro, if you wanna do detox than start by small steps, like start with 1 day detox then 3 day then 1 week like that,
Any ways good luck! I hope you succeed!


Bro , I have tried everything… And I’m sick of this shit now . Total abstinence is the only option now.


Yeah do whatever suits you !

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Hey guys in 2 days my mobile use is really reduce too make your mobile unattractive these things is really working on mee brother’s you can also try it too @nofapstar123 and @Visionary_18

1.Make your phone on greyscale mode or bedtime mode make us your phone without color display in our phone

  1. Download a declutter launcher

What’s this app’s use?

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