Im deeply fucked up

Im 16 years and i have uneven mustache and beard while all my friends are happily sporting thier beards…

Now i realized its because of my bad habits…now i have exams in 2 days and i have shaved that shit and im sitting with commitment to stop this shit…

Sorry brother you have wrong belief. I have seen many people including me same thing which you are talking. Its not about masturbation.
Hairs dont grow evenly at all places in our body. Sometimes moutache grow first then beard starts growing. The hairs in underarms grows later. Actualy its all fucked up.
Dont worry. It will grow fully till then just go with your current looks.

My friend who said you need a beard to be you u should be happy because you are special from them everyone has a beard but u have a more proffesional look so i say dont care about anyone and work on yourself and that begins with good habbits best of luck friend

It’s your genetics, you might have facial hair that takes alot longer to grow or it’s just patchy.

My brother has the same problem and his in his 20s now.
But once he decided to leave it his beard started growing in.

So this takes time and your only 16 :joy: why would you wanna look like a grown man.
Unless it’s someone your trying to impress :no_mouth:


Yes bro you are right… mine beard grew full when i was in my early 20’s.

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im 23 n its still patchy and not thick…
so dont worry buddy

Got me thwre dude…

So it really was for someone? :thinking:
If yes what are they like and are they older than you?

That probably explains about the beard unless they like bearded guys.

Yo bro you are 16. Im 21 and my facial hair isnt growing the same at all places. Who cares man. There is no connection between Testosterone and facial hair. My Seargent also always told me, if you have a beard your gasmask won’t close properly :wink:

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