Im close to fapping

Guys help me out on my doubts plz. Im on my 6 day streak now bt im feeling urges and i also have opned my old fb id it has many sexual things on it bt when i saw those things i feel aroused a bit bt my dick didnt get erection i was still feeling urges many time i have masturbathed without fully erect dick can you guys help me is this normal or should i do something. And also i dont get full erection without touching dick bt i do get morning erection bt not very often help me plz

Don’t touch your Dick. Get off fb. Try to stay away from electronic devices today. Message your friends saying you want to hang out. You don’t rlly have to do anything. Just be in their presence today.

If you relapse you will regret it. I relapsed the other day after 100 days. It’s a terrible feeling. I literally would consider walking on shards of glass instead of falling to relapse.


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My dick is hard now what should i do cant really control myself now

GO TAKE A WALK OUTSIDE NOW. It will pass, the urge will pass, but you can NOT ISOLATE.

Take your mind off relapsing and do something productive.

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Have some goal and work towards it. Try searching word kaizen In YouTube or Google it will help you set goals and keep you occupied. Best wishes from a bro

Sorry guys i leta you all down i relapsed i feel sad that my 6 day streak is broken i couldnt control myself frm masturbathing sorry all bt will make sure this wont happen again

I’m new to this his, but maybe making a list of things to do if this happens again might help. At least instead of saying, “what can I do”, you can go right to your list and say, “which one should I try?” Keep battling.

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Stop edging bro. Take my example.
Your brain will not get Rewired if you edge.
Dont destroy the Reboot process.
Dont do it. You will be ruined :dizzy_face::scream:

Tuo don’t nave to feel guilty for relapsing…
You have just to restart Nofap and Now that you noticed the bad feeling of relapse, you Will have more control of Yourself and start this challenge Better!!

It is hard man but do not let these feelings make you stay down. Get up! Raise your head and fight it again! Learn what to avoid next time and you will succeed in a longer streak, even stopping completely! If you reached this far, you can go all the way to victory. We are on this too! Never give up! :+1: