I'm a Winning 😊

I am a Winner and I have Heart of A CHAMPION… My Life is so great now and forever… I’m stronger, taller, faster and more optimistic…

have you been talking to her?
maybe she thinks the same of you?

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I am Bigger, Stronger and More Powerful…
Man With all my love I’m so thankful for all good blessings of The Creator in my Life…

Let’s assume the worst case scenario.

Can you just accept the fact that she isn’t into you, gracefully. Let me state it another way: She doesn’t like you. Accept it and get over it. If you really ‘like’ her (read like and not love) you should want what’s best for her. This is easier said than done. If she thinks, she is better off with someone else than you, are you still willing to accept it? If you really like her then you should.

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I exercise Everday… Take Cold showers… I do Boxing…I am a lot smart also… I’m stronger, taller and better…

i think that you need to do something.
It is of not much need if you just wait for her to do something.
You just get mad which destroys you. Talk to her and look how she reacts

I know it is easy said

Now I’m listening to EMINEM tracks.fighting tracks(No love,Legacy,Guts over fear,25 to life,Not afraid,Asshole)

Most People Love me, Admire me and Compliment me…

People who throw acid unto girls are the ones who cannot see her with someone else. These kinds of monsters don’t really like that girl in the first place. If they really liked her then they would want to see her happy. And if she is more happy with someone else than with them, then they need to accept it as well.


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I am a CHAMPION now and FOREVER…

I am so happy and thankful that I am Handsome, Tall, Strong, Powerful, Successful and more wealthier now…

You are in self destruction mode. Leave her ,you will get more girls to hang out in near future and take it as experience . Tell me how old are you ?

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Everything is Great …

I feel like best in the world

I’m muscular and strong

That’s what people are doing. They do talk with each other.
From the outside, you can’t judge what she thinks. It’s just not possible.
I don’t think that 3 years is way too much.

:joy: in the end you will have 1000 suggestions and still don’t know what you should do :smile:

Get on a solid streak like here’s what I do… My streak consist of nofap and working out by nofap I don’t have no social media I watch no YouTube but I still watch tv, and I play games but only on weekends, I like cutting the social media stuff out because it helps me feel more cleaner on my streak because I’m not looking at nothing that’s triggering but about the girl just try not to focus so much on her this might sound crazy but show her less attention and you improve yourself and that’s what I do and it helps, but don’t cry that’s what I always felt like doing everytime I relaspe but all you have to do is get on a streak an a solid one for at least 3 days then you might feel a lot better but cut out the triggers and your feel more happy on your streak because its a more healthy one… Hopefully this helps please get back to me when you can, and hopefully you get better

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Should I take green tea…Tell me

I’m so thankful that I am a good communicator and good at giving speech… People Respect me and love to listen to me… People admire me…