I'll cut off everything unnecessary

Most of the time I Fap is not because of an urge, but because I go online and search for porn for no reason. I just relapsed right now again but I desided to make sure such thing doesn’t happen again. I have cut off all unessesery connection with the Internet. Just stored my computer away and I would trow my phone as well but I need it right now for mainly calls so I just deleted all the social medias, Google chrome, Google search, games, anything that could distract me, Spotify, YouTube, whatever you could think of. The only thing I have on my phone right now is the alarm, the notes, the pmo apps and the messenger because of school. I will not get anything back until 30 days. I will keep on reading books, keep on waking up at 4:30 am, keep on running 5 km in the mornings and until my legs can withstand on the evenings. There is not going to be One more time! If I don’t even have self control I will never achieve my dream. For a while masturbating helped me. It made apathetic to most thing but at the same time allowed me to push myself physically and mentally to the limit. That was the only time I felt alive but it just led to one injury after another to the point that if I can barely run 7 km a day. I will have a fresh start from now. I have a dream and without the Internet I’ll have enough time to think of a path and clear all the uncertainties. I just have to stop, leave the gray area that I am in and find the mental strength to take the first step and keep the inertia going until I manage to live out my dream and see it come to an end.


I love this methode Brother, trying to implement the same thing but kept few things. You go. And make sure you update your process for I might do what you’re doing right now :blush:

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That is great brother! Keep it up and push on forward. Do what you feel YOU need to do to help yourself.

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