If you want your life get back

if you want your life get back ,contact me in a messagw
e ,those who are willing should contact ,we ll start nofap together ,motivate each other and ll make new habbits and much more

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ill be glad if someine join me in this journey ,we ll become strength of each other …plz be quick .time is precious …so many years have passed and i dont want 2020 wasted

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Hello mate, I think it’s a good idea if we help each other, we both will have more chances of being successful on our lifes. If you want to be my friend, here’s my sharing code bl6rev
We can help each other when we fell urges
Now something about me:
I’m brazilian(sometimes I will probably write something wrong because of my english)
My age is 14
My gender is male
My highest streak was 43 days

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