If you have relapsed after a long streak, don't binge

Many of us complete a long streak and tyen break it by relapsing. Then start binging(atleast me). But let me tell you something, if you relapse after a long streak, don’t binge.

On nofap journey, our brain starts making new neural connections. But since you have formed this habit of fapping, old neural connection which strong er than the new one kicks in and that’s why urges are strong during initial days, but when you make it past a few weeks, they become weaker and weaker. Now, if you break that streak, your brain won’t be like "Ok, this guy had a relapse, now let me make the old connection more stronger and new one weaker’, no it doesn’t. Your previous streak won’t be in vain. But if you binge by relapsing 4 times a day maybe you are back to zero.


Sometimes we keep relapsing continuously for a few days after long streaks which definitely brings us to day zero​:sob:… sometimes it may be more than once in a day to reward ourselves :joy::joy: which is more harmful…
This tells** we intentionally and eagerly want to back to day zero**

Actually it makes your addiction more strong than before…

If u have the above experience than u might have not been able to achieve high streaks one after other. Generally the Gap is filled with continious relapse and a few days streak (1,2) days…
And that’s why we should not binge it is most harmful thing for warrior like us…:prince:

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I am experiencing the same thing u said
I will take your advice
Thanks man seriously
Please motivate me

@Sans What you have said is very wise.
Now on my streak, my brain has stopped connecting p* and pleasure. I don’t not want to regain these connections I worked hard for if I relapse.
Hence high streaks are helpful, even in the past.