If you feel on the verge of giving up

If you’re feeling the urge right now and are looking for something that makes it easier, let me tell you one thing, only your mind through understanding can make this battle easier, it is right now when you need to show your real strength, it is being tested at this very moment, do not break under the pressure, prove it to yourself that you’re stronger than that, when you feel like fapping, open the app and look at your counter, do you want it to go back to 0? Or will you keep moving forward towards our common goal, read the posts from the community, get inspired, never give up!

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Thank you, even though im at day 0 again :pensive:

I know next time you’ll do better, remember you’re strong enough, when you want you relapse, log in and read some posts, it helps me.

hopefully. thanks for the feedback

Day 9 and staying strong!!

One suggestion when you start thinking of lustful things in your head just Reason with this thoughts… have conversations with the thoughts… give it a 5 minute discussion… and hopefuly … you and your thoughts come to a common conclusion…
That is not today. Maybe some other day.
And Remember every time cheat your thoughts like this.
It is not that everyday you will get this thoughts.
And the “other day” will never come :smile:
Just make peace treaty with your thoughts.
The longer you will argue with them. The sooner they will submit to your will.
It may sound like a manaic episode but today it is how i deal with it and it helped me :laughing: