Idk i rly dont know

Even after doing math on how much i lose and knowing other things i still continue to fap. I canr control myself. Its shit. So shit. Im so addicted. Feels like the same things are said in different ways. I dont think ive come across someone on here that has been truly addicted yet. Someone that really really struggled. I want advice from someone thats neen at the bottom. Not someone with the occasional loop but someone with entire years worth of struggle. Tjis is fucking up my life man.


Idk if I’m qualified, I used to fap 6 times a day , every time I have negative emotions, pressure,I go fap, and I had good reason to feel sad. Until I saw how I’m wasting my life, and how fapping is amplifying these feelings, one of them, I hated myself so much, for the point nothing worth living for anymore, I was living for my mom, cuase I love her.

At some point bro, you need just to hang in there, until u start feeling a little change or control. So at January I didn’t want to live, I did something that embarrassed me in front of many, and it could have got into big troubles, but luckily things got solved. I did 35 days of no fap, after that fall back to the habit, multiple times a day , or every few days, depends how sad I was. Until August 28, I was able to start again strong.

So maybe you don’t know it, and not feeling anyyis changing, but your mind is collecting data, gaining momentum, hang in there until it happens again.

I saw that to stop one habit I had to address multiple habits at the same time, cause many bad habits related to each other. For me, I should study, work out, cut social media and games and movies. I’m still trying to do so. First 10 days , I was barely able to just stop pmo, then decreasing technology use as much as possible. One step at a time.
And of course gain good habits, the best way to fight bad habits is by growing stronger good habits

One important thing, love your self. Trying to force your self won’t work. Don’t try to force your self, or punish yourself.


Thank you bro. Ive been having a similar streak. Ever since i had my 54 day streak it seems like things have been horrible. Its gotten worse and worse. I try to work out tho. Need to study.


You talkin about 54 day streak and still degrading yourself and here me who’s facing issues even passing one week bro are you for real?


Man you’re alright it’s all about chaser affect you falling into again and again just hold in there for 7-10 days just be patient just hold it just don’t touch your boi down there justtttttt try your best to stay away from it for some days and then your mind starts to develop a habit of no pmo, right now your brain is in habit of pmo and if u hold then it will do the opposite as i said before, it’s just about time period for everyone to rewire their brain according to the intensity of the one’s addiction man you got this you already survived 50+ days I’m proud of you just go for it again don’t panic it takes consistency and patience similar to workin out it takes years to master everything in your life :muscle::black_heart:


If you study then apply pomodro technique. In the entire 25mins you are in focus mode. And it is good that you have work to do… You can overcome from this… Just get a dairy and just think yourself about the solutions… Talk to yourself about the solutions… if you are confuseo then there is a youtube channel “Improvement pill” he come up with various ideas just follow them I am sure you will get help from that channel.


Thanks to everyone that has replied so far


I don’t think so i am worthy of advising you but you have achieved 50+ days streak man you are already a man of culture indeed and some even give up after breaking such a big streak and uninstall the application and go back to their normal life but still you haven’t given up you are here bro just have faith in yourself and have fire in yourself to prove others wrong and show them what you are and what you can do, participate in some challenges you will definitely improve and before doing that just think is it ever worth it and this will just makw you feel depressed and look up for the benefits that you had when you were on 50+ day streak reach us whenever you have an urge talk with us but don’t give up
And keep that fire alive within you to become what you want to become
I have read one quote in this application
This aren’t the exact words but i am writing in a way that you may understand
If you think you can then you can if you think you can’t then you can’t
Either way the thing which you think and believe will be true.
So buckle up man
It’s time to rise again you are awesome 50+ days streak is awesome we all are proud of you
You can do this bro


dont give up bro, iam not trying to show that i have struggled worse but just to let you know that there are people who can’t even make it to a month, mine is 24days and it was during April or may I guess and ever since then my highest streak is 7days and that too for only once, the rest has been 2 days 3 days, sometimes just hours…

We’ve lost the discipline and mindset that we can do this because of countless releases, kind of broken will I guess.

Just believe it and seek help from God and we will win this battle.


It’s rly hard to find god in situations like this. I relapsed again 35 minutes ago and my mind is super blurry


Dude why do you act on your urges?.. On the peek level of urges there are two options either I act on my urges or not.
You always have that option bro… Choose wisely. You have that option just think about it.


Idk its like an impulse. Feels like i cant control it its like everything just happens.


Yes bro it will be tough, but you have to find out about your creator and seek help from him spiritually,
Don’t worry you will get through this.

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Thank you bro. I’ll start up some spriritual practice again.

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Hey, I can relate to you in so many ways. I was addicted to porn, from a very young age.

Certainly, i stopped getting excited at regular porn and needed something extra everytime I wanted to masturbate.

I wanted more violent videos in order to get myself excited. That’s how shitty I was.

But, needless to say everytime I ended up fapping, I felt worse that shit.

I was having suicidal thoughts every now and then. I wanted help and was having issues in communicating with women and looking face to face. I made many women felt weird when I started talking with them.

But, I always wanted to improve myself, and never considered that I would end up like that.

My suggestion would be,

If you are unemployed right now, please strive hard to get a job.

Consider only today and win the battle with no-fap.

At this moment, please do not listen to your mind and do not stop unless you reach a streak of at least 35 days.

Try doing Anapana meditation (S N Goenka). It worked wonders for me.

Affirm yourself daily for atleast 30 times (4 times a day) that you can do it.

(You can do it)*30

Last but not least, keep yourself busy and work all the time(what ever may be the work-do that)

I hope it helps.

Wishing you all the very best
:v: :v: :v: :heartbeat:


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